Training American Pit Bull Terriers

Training dogs can be a difficult task for many people. There are a lot of different ways to teach a dog to respect you and obey you and the task can be confusing. Searching the web will result in various “proper” ways to train a dog. I believe that common sense can go a long way for an intelligent dog owner. There are however disruptive training techniques that can harm a dogs training. These I believe are the most important things to consider when training your dog whether it is an  APBT or any other breed.

Walking your dog is one of the most common activities most dog owner’s engage in with their pet. This can be an enjoyable, relaxing and healthy part of your everyday life. However if your dog is not trained properly this can quickly become a bothersome, hectic, and stressful event. 

A common misconception is that a normal dag walk consists of the dog ahead of the owner. The problem with this positioning is the fact that the person is supposed to be in control of the pace and direction of the walk. If your dog is in front of you they cannot be guided by you. The best way to walk your dog is to have them positioned directly by your side. This allows the dog to monitor your pace and direction so that you can become the leader.

Of course this can be much easier understood than accomplished. A dog’s excitement with unusual surroundings can and usually creates an excitable state tha is hard to control. Using the lead as a tool quick jerks immediately following unwanted behaviors will produce the desired effect on a difficult to control dog. If you find that this is not affecting your dog’s behavior than you can employ a collar that is made to help persuade them to not pull back or ignore the collar.


2 Responses to “Training American Pit Bull Terriers”

  1. 1 revmorris April 26, 2009 at 1:00 am

    Thank you for the positive treatment of a wonderful breed. Our APBT is smart, friendly and shows no aggression. Great blog!

    P.S. I loved the trophy squirrel shot.

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