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Training American Pit Bull Terriers

Training dogs can be a difficult task for many people. There are a lot of different ways to teach a dog to respect you and obey you and the task can be confusing. Searching the web will result in various “proper” ways to train a dog. I believe that common sense can go a long way for an intelligent dog owner. There are however disruptive training techniques that can harm a dogs training. These I believe are the most important things to consider when training your dog whether it is an  APBT or any other breed.

Walking your dog is one of the most common activities most dog owner’s engage in with their pet. This can be an enjoyable, relaxing and healthy part of your everyday life. However if your dog is not trained properly this can quickly become a bothersome, hectic, and stressful event. 

A common misconception is that a normal dag walk consists of the dog ahead of the owner. The problem with this positioning is the fact that the person is supposed to be in control of the pace and direction of the walk. If your dog is in front of you they cannot be guided by you. The best way to walk your dog is to have them positioned directly by your side. This allows the dog to monitor your pace and direction so that you can become the leader.

Of course this can be much easier understood than accomplished. A dog’s excitement with unusual surroundings can and usually creates an excitable state tha is hard to control. Using the lead as a tool quick jerks immediately following unwanted behaviors will produce the desired effect on a difficult to control dog. If you find that this is not affecting your dog’s behavior than you can employ a collar that is made to help persuade them to not pull back or ignore the collar.


Famous Pit Bulls

Many Famous people have pit bulls and in turn there are many famous Pit Bulls. They breed is beloved by people all over the world and seem to be especially popular in the Hollywood scene right now.

One of the most famous pit bull is Petey the Pit bull from the black and white TV show “Our Gang” in the 1920’s. This was before the current hatred towards Pit bulls existed. Back in the days when the Pit bull was known an “All American Dog”.

Petey the Pup from the T.V. show "Our Gang"

Petey the Pup from the T.V. show "Our Gang"

The great and controversial ( if you read my silly blog) Cesar Milan has many pit bulls in his pack including his his most often used Pit “Daddy” who Cesar acquired from the rapper “RedMan”.


Cesar Milan and his baby "Daddy"


Rachel Ray owns a pit bull named Isaboo named after the Pit she owned before she became famous named Boo. Isaboo can be found on her dog food line called Nutrish.


Oh no.... NOT HELEN KELLER! They are man eaters.


He may not be famous but my friend Tobe has a Pit Bull. Her name is Nala (sp?).


Lindsey's Marley

Sierra on Couch

Sierra on Couch

My Dad's dod Joe

My Dad's dog Joe

An American Pit Bull Terrier Lover’s summary on the breed

The American Pit Bull Terrier is an incredible breed that is loved by many despite a ridiculous media onslaught of undeserved negative attention. How the Pit Bull came from the beloved “Pete the Pup” from “Our Gang” to the relentless persecution by today’s media is a sad story.


Pit bulls originated from a “bully” breed and terrier mix used to assist farmers and butchers to suppress out of control bulls. This ability to deal with bulls led to there prevalence in the bloodsport “bull baiting”. After bull baiting was outlawed in 1835 these dogs were used in the new bloodsport dogfighting. These games were held in a “pit” or ring and it is commonly believed that the name Pit Bull came from this part of their dark history.

Many people judge the Pit bull in this light and label it as an aggressive and dangerous breed because of this history.The pit bull was not used in these sports in any way because of any aggression common in the breed towards humans. In fact it was quite the contrary. These dogs were often killed if they ever showed aggression towards people especially in the ring where they were in the midst of life and death combat. I believe that the systematic killing of this breed that showed any aggression towards people while they were in the most likely state of biting a human is possibly the quickest way to insure a breed of dog will be the least likely to attack a human.

That being said, there are very real dangers in owning any dog especially a dog as powerful, resistant to pain, and bred to persevere at all costs including death. The arguments about the danger of pit bulls is filled with incredible emotion from both sides as well as misleading statistics fed by a fear feeding frenzy of a media. Most pit bull advocates fight for the loving nature of the pit bull and the ridiculous media onslaught calling any dog above 15 pounds a pit bull. The most radical anti-pit bull society are linked with real pit bull attacks and have a legitimate fear of the breed. The biggest problem of this controversy is the lack of any ability for either side to give in any way. Pit bull lover’s will not concede the danger of a breed bred for controlling a mad bull weighing more than a ton and then for fighting to the death against other powerful dogs. Pit bull haters are unwilling to see the lovable, gentle, normal non-aggression towards people breed beloved by millions of owners today.

Statistics are warped beyond belief on either side of the quite possibly way blown out of proportion controversy about American Pit Bull Terriers. Oh, did I use the official name for the first time. Well I am craftily using it to segue into the fact that most statistics consider a wide range of dog breeds that are not actually the American Pit Bull Terrier breed.  Pit Bull mixes as well as completely unrelated breeds are often tagged with the title Pit Bull. These blurred lines are also part of the confusion of statistics used in arguments for and against the breed. Many people dispute what is actually an American Pit Bull Terrier and statistics vary because of these discrepancies.

Any dog above 60 pounds is assuradly a mix of some sort (most likely a Mastiff) or a case of severe inbreeding. The media has mis-reported dog attacks from non APBT breeds as Pit Bulls for years. The name Pit Bull is what gets an audience so that is the name most often used for the ratings. Sixty years ago the APBT and the Staffordshire Terrier were physically identical to each other. The same dog. There was simply a stigma related to the APBT so the AKC  gave the name American Staffordshire Terrier to the exact same dog as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Pretty tricky eh?